Sponsored Bills

Spring 2020 Legislative Session

Allowing former public employees to work for same or other public employer.

Two reasons why we need reform on this specific topic.

1. Currently, the Ethics Reform Act of 2010 imposes a two-year prohibition on the rehiring of a public employee by a former public employer. Today, a public employee is prohibited from transferring to any other public employer and then if deciding to return to the original employer, he or she couldn't do so for a two-year window. 

2. The Ethics Reform Act also imposes a two-year prohibition on allowing former public employees who go to work with another public employer to represent that new entity before his or her former employer. As an example, if a county engineer leaves his position to accept employment with a city, and the engineer seeks to do a joint road project with his former county employer, the law prohibits the engineer from appearing before the county commission to make a request for the joint road project.

Read more from Senator Gudger here.  Follow the bill here

Read the statement from the Association of County Commissions of Alabama. 

SB 178

Competitive Bidding and awarding authority in negotiating lowest bid.

Under current law, competitve bid laws require governmental public works contracts to be awarded to the lowest responsibile and responsive bidder.

This bill would allow an awarding authority, under certain circumstances, to negotiate with the lowest responsible and responsive bidder when all bids received exceed the funding available to the funding available to the awarding authority for the contract.

Follow the bill here.