Winston County

Winston County is known as the “free state” county in Alabama. It is the smallest of the four counties in both population and geography. 

There is a very active Arts Council and it is the home of Looney's Tavern.

The Winston County School District consist of four high schools, 1 middle school, 4 elementary schools, and a Career Academy. The Haleyville School District which consists of a high school, middle school, elementary, and a technical school. 

Senator Gudger's district includes Addison and Haleyville schools.


Demographical Information:

Population: 23,722

Founded: 1883 (Renamed from Hancock County)

Named after: John A. Winston

County Seat: Double Springs

Economic Development Information

Haleyville Chamber of Commerce

Winston County House of Representatives Delegation: 

Rep Tracy Estes (R) - 17th District

Rep Tim Wadsworth (R) - 14th District

Rep. Proncey Robertson (R) – 7th District

Shared Winston County Senate Delegation:

Senator Greg Reed(R) - 5th District

Local Leadership

Winston County Commission

District 4 Municipalities:



ADDRESS : 11 S Union St #733
Montgomery, AL 36130

MONTGOMERY : 334-261-0855


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